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Success Factors Survey (SFS)


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The SFS is a 48-item instrument that clients can take online in approximately 10 to 20 minutes. It can be used to quickly identify and prioritize characteristics necessary for success in a particular job position. Ratings are on a 1-10 scale, but respondents can provide additional comments to clarify their response. Optional space is also available at the end of this survey for respondents to include and rate additional factors.

Once the Survey has been completed, we will create a customized Success Factors Report for your organization. This Report summarizes your individual input and/or the feedback of several respondents to highlight the attributes that are most and least important for success in a position with YOUR organization.


  1. To make sure everyone agrees on which characteristics are essential, which are important, and which are merely desirable or "nice-to-have,"
  2. To create a foundation for objective discussions among stakeholders when a particular role is being created, reconsidered or reformulated, &
  3. To encourage feedback, participation and buy-in from key constituents.


Participants will receive a link via email from the Assessment Technology Division (ATD) at Bennett Partners (BP). Clicking on the link will connect participants to the appropriate survey on the BP web site. Each participant will receive a unique login and password.

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