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Behavioral Profile Questionnaire (BPQ)


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The BPQ is a 104-item instrument that clients can take in approximately 45 minutes. This survey has been used by numerous companies at different stages of development and in a wide variety of industries. It is available in 30 languages, and its metrics have been extensively normed and validated.

The respondent is presented with groupings of 4 short statements and asked to identify which item is most like and which item is least like him/her in his/her typical work environment. Various report formats may be generated including a 32-dimension profile assessing an individual's problem-solving, communication and leadership styles.


  1. To inform your company's general selection & hiring decisions,
  2. To help determine the respondent's goodness-of-fit for a specific position,
  3. To provide a gap analysis against a success template of organizational imperatives,
  4. To provide an individual benchmark to measure the success of coaching or ongoing executive development, &
  5. To improve everyone's understanding of individual contributions to overall team dynamics.


Participants will receive a link via email from the Assessment Technology Division (ATD) at Bennett Partners (BP). Clicking on the link will connect participants to the appropriate survey on the BP web site. Each participant will receive a unique login and password.

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