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Other Surveys

"Involved employees have the greatest positive effect in making companies unique and successful. Here are 5 workplace policies to involve employees:
(a) Worker participation,
(b) On-the-job training,
(c) Profit sharing,
(d) Flexible work rules,
(e) Healthy and safe work environment."

—Robert Reich
former U.S. Labor Secretary

We leverage our individual and collective objectivity, expertise, and experience with our commitment to your success. We are also aware of the power and the limitations of instruments. We apply our understanding of testing, assessment measures and metrics to tailor our approach to best meet your needs.


Individual behavioral and occupational surveys produce metrics about an individual's problem-solving preferences, thinking, and interpersonal style. This information is used to determine Interpersonal, Managerial, Professional, and Entrepreneurial competencies, Team and Leadership behaviors.


These surveys produce metric and graphic depictions of team types and your team's predominant style. Strengths to be leveraged, areas needing attention and within-team variations are included. Team surveys provide avenues for productive discussions while maintaining confidentiality.


This suite of assessment tools helps create or maintain high performance at a board level. These instruments quickly assess individual and board factors that drive optimal effectiveness. Board models, board engagement in strategic business activities, and individual director performance are all critical for team performance. These factors are formally assessed to ensure alignment among the directors and the CEO on where the board should be focused, and what the optimal level of involvement is in each area.

180's and 360's:

We use various tools—some simple and some that can be highly customized—to generate job effectiveness data from employees, bosses, peers, subordinates as well as customers and other key stake holders. Best practice recommends separating 360-like instruments from performance reviews. We are available to help you determine the most appropriate use of these and other instruments.

Organizational Surveys:

These surveys provide feedback on your company's leadership, culture, infrastructure and customer relationships. Clients may use this information for evaluating the impact of current strategies, for Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) activities or Succession Planning. Organizational Surveys may be used to assess corporate culture, process capabilities, or to benchmark internal or external customer perceptions.

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